Session Recording

For 15 years, my tapes have gotten results for my clients, and often to high critical acclaim. From basic demos to international album releases your sound will stand out exceptionally.  I focus on clarity and accuracy of sound in my session recording, and with a very comprehensive knowledge of most instrumental and vocal standard repertoire, I can help guide you to success through your sessions.   For professionals down through beginning students, I tailor the sessions to meet your needs and fit your budget.

I offer an hourly rate based on performing time for session recording, stereo or multitrack. My tapes have won people numerous job auditions though pre-screening rounds, professional appointments, Fulbright fellowships, scholarships in universities and summer festivals, as well as advanced degree placements. I can be available at all hours and on short notice to do your recording in whatever space you wish, and many jobs can be completed in the same day or on site. I strive to make each finished track sound unquestionably authentic and through-performed,with the primary focus being the care taken in editing; crafting each phrase and piece to be consistent and realistic.

For auditions requiring video, we can author media in just about any format you will need and can help you understand the differences that exist in many of the online application requirements.  You can rest assured that you will be sending out the best quality media that these applications will allow.

DSA Studio One is also increasing in popularity since its establishment in 2005. Bands, ensembles, and soloists will have the option of a comfortable and affordable studio in which to work outside of the constraints of concert hall scheduling. For classical recordings, I recommend and prefer working in actual performance spaces, though there is no substitute for the flexibility of a controlled studio space. My tracking room is comfortable and inviting to play in, complete with a Steinway K upright grand for reference and tracking, and a sunroom lounge with a woodstove to relax in between cuts. I offer a myriad of options in hall and recording space emulation to place you in any kind of environment you choose. Please contact me for more details on use of the studio and what I can offer you for your session needs.

Tracking setup at Ruth Lilly Hall, UIndy

DSA Studio One tracking room