Media Conversion and Restoration

Do you have some older media you need transferred to digital, or a recording you’d like cleaned up and remastered?  We offer conversions and restoration of the following media:

  • DAT/DDS digital tape
  • Cassette
  • 1/4″ analog Reel to Reel, 7.5 and 3 3/4 ips
  • LP/EP vinyl
  • VHS
  • MiniDisc (if a player is provided with the media)
  • all digital audio media files

For analog tape playback, our machines are in pristine working order and professionally maintained.  All cassette tape is played from our 1991 Nakamichi CR-7A (the little sister of the Dragon, the pinnacle of cassette recorders), maintained by ES Labs.  Our newly acquired Akai M-6 reel tape machine is in mint condition and has proven itself as a very valuable and unique tool for saving recordings that were previously considered lost from decades ago.

It’s never been a better time to clean up an old recording than now! Call at any time to find out how I can make a better tape for you. As always, I only use long-life pthalocyanine discs for mastering, and DDS computer grade tapes for DAT recordings.