Performance Recording

“Not just a recording service, but concert assistance”
I offer two basic packages for most live performances. The audio package includes two mastered copies of your performance on CD, as well as production assistance (staging and lighting). The second package is two CDs with two video DVDs  and a set of the master HD video files fully prepared for archival, web upload, or future editing, with the audio from the sound rig synched to the videos. All recordings are subsequently filed into my archive for potential future referencing.  We are also now offering live audio and video streaming of concerts on our channel, as well as hosting for media on the DSA youtube channel.  Multitrack recording, multi-angle video, and sound reinforcement services are also available, customized to the project or performance in question.  Call or email us for more details.

My setup is flexible enough to accommodate a broad range of ensembles and performers in all varieties of acoustic spaces. My services have been used and referred by many prominent local professionals and U of M faculty for years, and I am happy to provide demonstrations of my work if you so desire.

Additionally, I have extensive experience with lighting and offer basic setups and equipment changes for no extra cost. It is easier for me to engineer tapes when I am setting the stage, and this allows you as a performer to concentrate on your music, not the stage setup. When you work with me, your only concern during the concert is the show itself.

Add a GoPro! 

Recently we have been experimenting with concert filming including GoPro camera placement in those up-close, hard to reach places.  Small and unobtrusive, they have proven to be a fabulous tool for bringing your audience into your performance at a level that was impossible to achieve previously without severely intruding on the stage.  A powerful tool for pianists specifically, get intimate with the keyboard and bring viewers into your pieces.  Watch what two GoPros accomplished in Bartok’s Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion on Dan Piccolo’s second dissertation recital: