The press has been very good to us this month!  American Record Guide has offered up two very complimentary reviews on albums that we recently released, and we are pleased to share some samples here:

In order of release, first we hear about Trio Virado’s Mangabeira:

“Mangabeira” Review May/June 2016 American Record Guide
“First let me say that these are fine musicians, and they present a set of performances that are unfailingly strong, expressive, and imaginative. The concept of instrumentation is inspired; guitar with flute or violin is always in danger of being overwhelmed, but when viola replaces violin the balance is easier and more natural.

It helps that flutist Amy Porter always keeps her dynamics down to blend with her colleagues.It also helps that Joao Luiz is a strong guitar player with a bold yet beautiful tone. And it further helps that each of the works on this recital is a perfect trio—a blend of three musical minds with none of the three dominating.
It’s really satisfying.

All the works except the Brouwer are in the vein of Latin popular music—even Frederic Hand’s. They are unusually sophisticated works for all their vernacular roots, and Ienjoyed all of them. The Brouwer Paisajes, Retratos, y Mujeres (Landscapes, Portraits, andWomen) is the exception. The first movement is inspired by a portrait of Wagner and Mathilde Wesendonck, II is a graceful feminine minuet, and the last is a fantasy on Dowland’s song ‘Can She Excuse’. It’s lovely music, not quite like any Brouwer I know, but I’m glad to have it. Luiz’s own ‘Todas as Manhas: Homenage a Luis Bonfa’ is similar in essence in this case, a fantasy on Bonfa’s theme from Black Orpheus, ‘Manha de Carnaval’. Fragments of those lovely melodies come in and out, are expanded and contracted. It’s fascinating and beautiful. Excellent sound and notes.” – Keaton  ——————————

Second, we got this very gracious nod in the review of The University of Michigan Symphony Band’s Reflections

“This is a magnificent concert band recording, as good as any I’ve heard—warm, rich, clear, detailed, with big, round, walloping bass. It is excellent modern music (all the composers are still very much alive). And this disc is for everyone—even listeners wary of wind bands—and a proud souvenir for University of Michigan music students, faculty, and alums.” – Wright  —————————-

A hearty “thank you” to both reviewers, and even more congratulations to all of the musicians, producers, scribes, and everyone who put time in on these records with me.  It’s always a joy to know that someone is recognizing what kind of attention we put into our craft.