An new addition to the video arsenal has arrived:  The Panasonic DVX-200!  It has been a joy working with this new camera.  With 4K resolution and extremely low-noise ISO, the images it captures are stunning.  The design of the camera is to equal the capture abilities of the Panasonic Lumix GH4 mirrorless DSLR, but in a run-and-gun capable ENG camera.  We regularly use GH4s to shoot larger projects, and this has stood up extremely well next to them in comparison, and in matching.

We have also upgraded our webcast rig to include a Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder.  With HDMI and SDI inputs, feeds from the new DVX-200 look brilliant and clear, and your concert can be streamed in the same full HD 1080p quality as your final media (assuming all on-site web connection speeds and recipient internet capabilities are up to the task). As always, our live stream feeds are presented with the audio from our recording rig (NOT the camera mics or mics separate from your recording), so your audience gets a front row seat to your sound with the finest of audio capture!

See some of the recent work we have done with these with the University of Michigan Symphony Band in the video below (shot with two DVX-200s, 2 GH4s, and 2 HMC150s).