We are proud to announce the release of Trio Virado’s Mangabeira on Soundset Recordings!  This is the premier recording and release by flutist Amy Porter, violist Juan Miguel Hernandez, and guitarist Joao Luiz which features a broad spectrum of Latin influenced compositions and extreme virtuosity and emotion.  We are all extremely proud of this project and delighted to finally bring it to the public.


I heartily congratulate all three on a magnificent performance and collaboration, and this record is one that I personally will listen to over and over, even after the immersion of producing it with them.


This fall I had the privilege to enter the studio for five days to track the Prism Saxophone Quartet for a forthcoming album to be completed in the coming year.

The ensemble is looking at no less than four GRAMMY nominations for their recently released album “Heritage/Evolution, Vol. 1”, among them best engineered classical album.  I can only hope this new album we tracked receives the same level of attention!  Upholding their standard of capture, we experimented with a batch of ribbon microphones to compliment the condensers, among them a vintage RCA 44, a vintage RCA 77dx, and two Menasovic Model 2s.  The sonic palette we captured seems limitless….so many colors and blends.  As a result of this session, I made a fine, new acquisition for my mic collection:  The RCA 77dx multi-pattern ribbon:


You cannot argue with a classic, and this is definitely a fine example of a true studio classic.  Providing rich fundamentals and exceptional tonal accuracy, it adds a whole new layer of color to any instrument.  I look forward to finding more of these out in the world, and hopefully in as pristine condition as this one.