Bio: Dave Schall, chief engineer and owner

Since 1997, Dave Schall has produced and engineered recordings and shows to high critical acclaim across the United States and beyond. Noted for his natural, realistic approach to capturing and mixing audio, his records have helped reinforce the catalogs of established performers and put several prominent developing musicians on the map. Among his album credits are Amy Porter’s debut solo CD, Passacaglia, Kenneth Tse and Nobuya Sugawa’s Stellar Saxes, Scott Conklin’s Violinguistics, and the Star-Spangled Music Foundation’s Poets & Patroits:¬† A Tuneful History of “The Star-Spangled Banner .” He also engineered and produced the audio for Amy Porter’s instructional DVD of the 30 Caprices of Sigfrid Karg-Elert, and subsequently did all of the production for her Anatomy of Sound Study Guide 2-DVD set. He has recorded albums of complete musicals, all forms of jazz ensembles from big-band to combos and fusion groups, all forms of classical music from full orchestras to soloists, as well as material for My Dear Disco’s Dancethink LP and preceding EP.

Dave has also established himself as a go-to live sound engineer throughout Michigan for shows where the quality of sound matters. He has worked as the dedicated touring live sound engineer and systems tech for The Jeremy Kittel Band Fareed Haque and MathGames!, My Dear Disco/Ella Riot, The National Arab Orchestra, and Cloud Nine Music, as well as mixing many prominent national acts in the metro Detroit area and beyond at front of house, monitors, and systems teching for several venues and sound contractors in the southeast Michigan area. Through touring he has had the opportunity to mix to audiences from the hundreds to thousands in some of the country’s most prominent music venues large and small on all manner of systems, from clubs and bars to theaters and festivals.¬† Currently, he also serves as the technical director for the Saline Fiddlers, a nationally-renowned extracurricular¬† youth ensemble.

Dave holds degrees in performance from the Eastman School of Music and the University of Michigan School of Music. As a bassoonist and contrabassoonist, Dave has held positions with the Grand Rapids Symphony and Jackson Symphony, as well as performing with the Toledo Symphony, New World Symphony, Kalamazoo Symphony, Windsor Symphony, and Michigan Sinfonietta, and in 1997 he had the privilege of performing in Carnegie Hall in New York. A native of Brunswick, Maine, His primary instructors include Richard Beene, John Hunt, and Ardith Keef. Coincidentally, his last name actually means “sound” in German.

with the National Arab Orchestra, Symphony Hall, Atlanta Jan. 2014