DSA Webcasts

Broadcasts from DSA from our livestream.com channel

Our livestream.com channel is available to broadcast your performance in real-time directly to those who cannot attend your concert.  It also provides immediate archival and access to your performance while we prepare your final audio and video media after the show.  It’s a great way to include family that cannot make it, friends in other countries, and those who just may not have time to get to the concert hall, but still want to be present for your show.   You can access the links with any computer, web-connected TV, or mobile device with a simple name search or the direct link to your concert page.

All of our webcasts are fed directly from the ENG cameras that are filming your final media, and the audio is fed directly from the recording rig….from the mics up front right to your viewers!  This gives your audience the same detailed view and rich sound they would experience from your final recordings.

Please email or call to inquire about the availability of webcasting your concert.  As the webcasts are dependent on the quality of the internet connectivity of the venue, some restrictions may apply if your concert venue does not have broadband or a strong DSL connection.  We can work with you and the venue to prepare the stream so that your audience will get the most out of the broadcast that the location will allow.