The beautiful weather is here, and that means we are in the thick of working on some major projects.  First and foremost, we are happy to announce the completion of Amy Porter’s Anatomy of Sound Study Guide; a two DVD set that is chock full of very powerful information and exercises for musicians looking to be more physically aware when performing and using their bodies more mindfully when playing their instruments.  It is being released on EQUILIBRIUM in early September.  This set features:

– 1 1/2 hour guide to the Anatomy of Sound workshop with exercises and advice on practicing, controlling the airstream, setting achievable personal goals, and connecting music to life in a comprehensive manner for all levels of skill

– an interview with Prof. Freda Herseth, mezzo-soprano, on the links between wind playing and singing practices

– a 3o minute yoga session with Laura Dwyer (certified yoga instructor and professional flutist)

– a 25 minute warmup session by Amy Porter, annotated with voiceover on her methods for effectively warming up to play from long tones to technical exercises.

– a 6 minute outtake reel, showing the cast and crew on the lighter side!

Check out the trailer here:

DSA has recently tracked some fantastic material that will be going public within the year.  We have a brand new record of material from Scott Conklin, violin, with Alan Huckleberry and Jason Sifford on piano from UIndy’s Ruth Lilly hall, tracked in late May.  Mostly new works, many from University of Michigan alums and faculty.