DSA Studio One gets renovated

A project that has been on the back burner for several years has finally come around. DSA Studio One just received a facelift and reorganization to improve the sound, aesthetics, and comfort. It’s not a major tracking space, but for times where you just need a decent, spacious, dry room to accurately lay some material down, it fits the bill nicely. Several projects have been born in this room; it has hosted the production of a complete musical, rehearsal space for 5 simultaneous drum kits (no joke!), My Dear Disco’s debut EP live tracking, voice-overs, and many solo performances. Our 100 year old Steinway K upright grand is back in its home and much happier now with the updated, more accurate climate control. The inception of a new electro-acoustic wind project happened last week in here, and more details on that will come as the tests from the lab show positive results! Stay tuned for more.