Say goodbye to the sun and hello to the practice room and the concert hall. Music is what gets us through the bleak winters here in Michigan, and there is plenty to keep our bodies and ears warm. As pre-screening sessions and the beginning of recital season are upon us, DSA is rolling into the end of 2009 with a facelift of the website and a bunch of new developments and recently completed projects. Browse around and see what’s new!

We now have a presence on Facebook to keep in touch with the masses on a more interactive level. This will bring more frequent updates, offer many new media samples, and create a window for some of the great shows you might have missed. There will also be frequent photo updates and a roster of my fine associate engineers, past and present, that have worked with me to capture your music. Become a fan…there may be some sweet offers that appear on our page.

Since the last news update, I have completed Gary Prince and Kate Olson’s new album, Improvised Duos, due for release in the coming month. This is a tight collection of musical explorations by Gary and Kate, intense, soothing, rich and sparse, melodic and discordant, a very personally engaging record. I am also in the process of completing a record for University of Iowa bassoon professor, Benjamin Coelho, with Alan Huckleberry on piano, tracked this August. It was very exciting for me to work with these two again recording music for my personal instrument.