October/November 2013 – Pre-Screening Audition Season!

It’s that time of year again…everyone graduating is preparing to move on, and we are here to make you sound and look your best as you send out your pre-screening application media.
Bookings are building up fast for the December 1 deadlines, so it’s best to plan ahead and RECORD EARLY! For UMSMTD students looking to make pre-screening recordings at the school please be aware of the school’s scheduling rules. These seem to be overlooked annually, and it can be a confusing list if you don’t understand how the SMTD portions out the halls for use. It is actually a very fair and simple system, given the limited amount of space at the Moore Building that is available.
– each student is allowed to reserve one 2 hour block of time per month for recording/rehearsals in Britton or McIntosh Theatre
– sessions can only be booked form 10pm-12am, or before noon on the weekends (pending availability)
– hall times outside of 10-12 CAN be reserved when free, but no more than 48 hours in advance ( they must be saved for potential classes, guest concerts, master classes, etc.)
– if you need additional time, there are options for spaces around town….we prefer to use Kerrytown Concert House. They have been very accommodating to my clients for years and we have a very valuable partnership. Their Hamburg Steinway B is a spectacular instrument for all purposes and I highly recommend working here if the UM halls are unavailable.

Email or call to set up your time and we’ll work with you to make sure you have the best representation of your playing for your pre-screening!