Fall 2012 – News and Pre-Screening tips

The 2012-2013 academic year is upon us, and that means that audition pre-screening is just around the corner.  Each year there are new demands placed upon musicians seeking academic and career advancement as audition recordings are concerned, and we here at DSA are ready to guide you through the process and make you sound and look as good as you can.

Many colleges and summer programs are now requesting video and audio uploads of media files for pre-screening auditions, as well as hard copy media.  Most applications come with a firm December 1 submission deadline.  We are fully prepared to furnish you with all of your recordings ready to go, as well as providing assistance in navigating the process successfully.  Please plan your recording sessions and applications well in advance….we do our best to assist everyone, even on a short-notice time frame, but keep in mind that this is a very high volume time period and the sooner the media is completed, the easier it is for everyone to get their media and applications done in a timely fashion.

If you have questions about media formats and preparing your auditions, please see our FAQ page, or feel free to contact me for more in-depth recording and audition information.  Also for UMSOMTD students, please review the rules and limitations for hall scheduling that you were sent at the beginning of the year.  I am adding a segment of this to the FAQ page to help streamline this information that is frequently overlooked.

In news, I have recently been appointed the Michigan Arab Orchestra‘s front-of-house engineer and am very excited to be taking on these duties in addition to being the ensemble recording engineer and videographer.  In my partnership with THS Audio, we will be premiering their new MIDAS PRO2 mixing system at the MAO season opener.  The possibilities are almost endless with this fantastic new tool, and we look forward to applying it to many concerts in the future.  We will also be working with The Ragbirds at the end of the month capturing performances for a new live record.  Come be a part of their history at the upcoming Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor shows!