DSA upgrades: We’ve gone Apogee!

Greetings everyone!  DSA is heading into the summer season of album sessions and post-production with a completely new interface system.  Moving on from the Avid interface systems, we have just recently changed to an Apogee Symphony I/O interface as the primary engine for our Pro Tools systems.  Apogee is known throughout the audio industry for making the some of the best A/D-D/A converters, word clocks, and preamps out there.  We have also added a True Precision 8 preamp to the rig, soon to be accompanied by more varied pres as the summer goes on.  Currently, the system is being used on it’s maiden voyage at Ruth Lilly Hall at the University of Inidianapolis with Scott Conklin; violin, and Alan Huckleberry; piano.  We are tracking a follow-up to their recent release “Violinguistics,” which met with some high critical acclaim upon release.  Stay tuned for more info and additions to the gear locker!